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Furi is coming to PS5 for free, even for owners of the PS Plus version. The Onnamusha DLC will add a new character to rediscover the title from a whole new angle.

Not really convincing, the game Haven returns to the background in favor of Furi, the nugget of the French studio The Game Bakers. The title “jubilatory” to the “magical soundtrack” will make a resounding comeback in just a few days. PS5 version, paid DLC and new gameplay possibilities, we explain everything to you.

A new DLC to rediscover the software

Take out your headphones to revel in the music of the game, Furi returns to PS5, PS4, PC and Switch on May 17, 2022 with new Onnamusha content. This paid DLC, available at the price of 6,99€, will offer you the opportunity to play with the Rider Onnamusha in Story, Speedrun and Training modes. A lethal fighter who has two combat stances. “Spark” which is geared towards speed and agility, with double dodge, and “Thunder”which is slower but more powerful.

The reason for this update? Feedback from fans who would have liked “to be able to forget Furi to discover him again”. The teams therefore went back to work to develop new mechanics to achieve this nice goal.

We received many messages from fans and Furi and one really stood out to us: “I wish I could forget Furi to discover him again”. We wondered if there was a way to get players to rediscover Furi. And a few weeks later we started working on Onnamusha! These new gameplay mechanics bring a new challenge and allow you to fully rediscover the game.

Onnamusha’s Abilities Detailed

On the other hand, the additional content does not seem to be planned for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S for the moment.

Furi available on PS5 for free on one condition

It may not have escaped your notice that The Game Bakers mentioned the PS5 for its DLC. And yes, Furi is coming for free on PlayStation 5 for owners of the title on PS4, including those who have the PS Plus version. The studio also states that the backup can be transferred.

When there’s more, there’s more and Furi is also preparing another update.

The studio will also release a free update to the base game, which will include all the paid and free content available for Furi and in particular the Un Combat de plus DLC as well as all the improvements from the release (Invincible mode, Furier Speedrun, alternate controls)….

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