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The manufacturer NZXT that we know especially for its boxes and its components wishes to launch into the peripheral and reveals in particular the NZXT Lift. A very friendly little mouse.

We had the opportunity to test a new peripheral which also bears the adjective new since it is the very first mouse from the manufacturer NZXT, namely the Lift. On the official website it is available in 6 colors but at retailers it seems easier to find in black and white. It is this last model that we managed to obtain.

The first of a long line for NZXT?

A first device for a manufacturer is a bit like a baptism of fire and it’s both exciting and certainly a little scary. But where NZXT marks the difference is to leave the possibility to choose on its official site between 6 colors including a nice mix a bit like Cyberpunk between black and yellow. Certainly this is not what will make her a better mouse but it is already a good start to attract the eye of the customer. Still on the design side, the mouse is quite compact but also quite long in hand which makes the Palm Grip as the most natural grip for this kind of device.

Good grip despite a symmetry that does not go to the end of things

Entirely symmetrical, we regret however that it is not ambidextrous and is therefore intended only for right-handers. It’s a shame because its design was very conducive to a good use for all, a failure that brings a touch of bitterness. Indeed the slice buttons are only available on the left. NZXT has chosen a light format as is the fashion at the moment and as you can see in the list of the latest tests that we have published. In the end we end up with 67 grams in the hands which is indeed a strong argument (no pun intended). For the rest the manufacturer wanted to offer “premium” namely a long and braided cable, a non-slip wheel, a soft touch surface very pleasant in hand on the entire chassis. In short, quality without a doubt. For 59 euros we are doing extremely well.

Classic but not disappointing

In terms of performance, the mouse also does very well with very good glide on our Corsair mouse pad. In office as in game, you can count on Omron contactors, guaranteed for 20 million clicks. Again something that is very difficult to verify.

For the sensor, NZXT has chosen the Pixart 3389 which is fairly well known now and which is satisfactory in the majority of games. Precise and responsive, this little white mouse is in no way disappointing and does its job well as it should. It’s clearly the kind of mouse that goes everywhere, if it doesn’t revolutionize the environment, it won’t fail you. Note that the lift can go up to 16,000 DPI.

Finally, the in-house NZXT CAM software allows you to configure the whole thing and in particular to adjust the discrete RGB via two small strips on the belly of the device.

Technical sheet

  • Price : 59 euros
  • Weight : 67 grams
  • Dimensions : 126.8 x 67.23 x 38.35mm
  • Sensor : Pixart 3389 Optical Sensor
  • Sensitivity : 100 – 16,000 DPI
  • Response time : 1000Hz
  • Guarantee : 2 years
  • Or buy : NZXT
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