a final trailer of 6 minutes to increase the pressure

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The most impatient will be able to put something in their mouths since the highly anticipated Elden Ring reveals a final trailer before its release.

Souls-Like fans must be stamping their feet while waiting for Elden Ring. To make the wait more bearable, you can discover a long 6-minute video above. It goes to great lengths to tell you the context of the game while showing you how the gameplay works. Anyway, it’s a recap video.

Fighting everywhere for Elden Ring

We can discover a part of the world that is imagined by George RR Martin (Game of Thrones), some protagonists of the title, the customization of the characters and of course the fight. LOTS of fighting. Inspired by a Dark Fantasy universe, if you liked Dark Souls, however, you should get your bearings very quickly.

More accessible ?

The game should be a little more accessible since the developers had said that Elden Ring could be completed by more people than Dark Souls. Which had not failed to irritate some players who swear by the difficulty. In general, the title makes a break with the old productions of the From Software studio, in particular through the addition of a completely open world. It’s also the studio’s first game of its kind to feature a map.

For the record, the game is scheduled for February 25 on PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4.

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