a compromised 2022 release for the PS5 VR headset?

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The PlayStation VR 2, which is being revealed in dribs and drabs, could only see the light of day in 2023. The major explanation would always be the same: the difficulty in obtaining a PlayStation 5.

Despite increasingly important communication, the PlayStation VR 2 might not be released this year. This is what the PSVR Without Word YouTube channel claims.

Where does this rumor come from?

If the digital age allows ordinary people to claim to be “insider”, and not to be, others do have access to confidential information. In this case, PSVR Without Word had unveiled the technical characteristics of PSVR 2 and Horizon Call of the Mountain before their official announcement.

In his latest video, the videographer claims that, according to his sourcesthe PSVR 2 would not be available until the first quarter of 2023 while everyone was counting on a release in 2022.

According to him, the main reason relates to PlayStation 5 supply issues which persist. Sony would simply not want to relive the launch of its console with the PlayStation VR 2. Especially since, as a reminder, the headset is exclusive to the machine. In other words, no PS5, no PSVR 2!

The postponed PSVR 2, a credible track?

So no PlayStation VR 2 under the tree? Sounds plausible. First, the shortage context is an essential point which could force the manufacturer to review its plans, if of course it intended to release the helmet in 2022.

Then, among the technological advances, we know that the PSVR 2 will benefit from eye tracking. The tech will be used in particular to have a foveal rendering in order to improve the graphics or the framerate by unloading computing power. Items in your field of view will be sharp, but anything on the periphery will be diminished. However, presumably, Sony is still in talks with Tobii, the company which should provide this technology to PlayStation VR 2.

Where one may be a little more optimistic is that the successor to the PSVR is increasingly occupying the media space. After the Sense controllers, we had the headset design. Additionally, the Goertek production line, where the PlayStation VR 1 was designed, claims that the making of the PSVR 2 would not if distant than that. A clue that suggested a release in 2022 …

In your opinion, could the PlayStation VR 2 be postponed? Would you be disappointed? Do you already intend to buy it and at what price? Tell us everything in comments.

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