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As with every PlayStation exclusive, Sony has just unveiled a nice all-CGI trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West in which we discover the Forbidden West at its best.

Horizon Zero Dawn had been a real hit on PS4 when it was released, and its success has not been denied on PC where the game has made good sales scores on Steam. Moreover, Sony wanted to communicate officially on the hallucinating sales figures of the Guerrilla Games title. According to the PlayStation Blog, the title has sold more than 20 million copies on all platforms, with a total of hours of play that exceeds one billion. In short, as much to say that the studio did not have to fight very hard to validate the start of construction of the second opus.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Combined PS4 and PC Sales Figures November 28, 2021 © Guerrilla Games

A hit on the Horizon?

Horizon: Forbidden West therefore has the heavy task of succeeding its illustrious ancestor, and the expectations of the players are therefore necessarily very high. While the game will land on PS4 and PS5 in just a few days, Sony continues to raise the hype with a brand new trailer made completely in CGI. Yes, these will probably not be the most representative images of the experience that we will be able to enjoy, but we must admit that the result is absolutely beautiful, with a video available in 4K.

We also remind you that those who have already checked out can already preload the game in order to be able to launch it from the first moments of availability, on March 18.

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