a big game confirmed and finally a trailer for Final Fantasy 16?

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The State of Play program for June 2022 is revealed a little more. Sony has confirmed a big VR game is coming, while a PS5 console exclusive appears to be gearing up for an announcement.

A few hours before the start of the Summer Game Fest festivities, the clues surrounding the State of Play line-up are revealed. We now know that there will be at least one big game expected, while Final Fantasy 16’s presence is confirmed a little more.

Horizon Call of the Mountain at State of Play, with Final Fantasy 16?

We suspected it, but it’s now official. Horizon Call of the Mountain will be reporting on tonight’s State of Play. The spin-off intended for PS VR 2 was briefly unveiled at the Sony conference at CES 2022. We should therefore finally have the right to something concrete with, no doubt, gameplay sequences to highlight the new features of the helmet. But that shouldn’t be the only big game that will show up tonight. Since Square Enix’s announcements around FF’s anniversary, it’s almost confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will unveil its new trailer during Summer Game Fest. And it will obviously be tonight.

As one Internet user spotted, PlayStation updated the page dedicated to the game a few hours before the start of the State of Play. What suggest the appearance of the game with perhaps a release date, finally. All this is pure speculation for the moment, but the stars finally seem to align for fans of the license. Especially since it seems unlikely at this stage that the PS5 exclusive will not take advantage of the manufacturer’s conference to show itself again. See you tonight at 11:59 p.m. to have the end of the story.

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