A 20% increase for GPUs/CPUs?

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While we thought we were off the hook about GPUs and CPUs and excessive pricing, a new one comes to obscure the horizon. It could hurt the wallet. Explanations.

Very bad news for us mere PC and console gamers, WCCFTech, like a bird of doom, reports that two of the major foundries are about to raise their prices on semiconductors. Almost from simple to double depending on the founder in question.

Between 8 and 20% increase for semiconductors

If for its part TSMC is likely to increase the prices of semiconductors, this is an increase which obviously could reach 8%. It’s obviously a lot but it’s still playable. On the other hand, it is the cold shower for Samsung which would provide for an increase of up to 20%. Additional costs which can be partly explained by the price of raw materials which is also increasing.

30% Material Price Increase

Indeed, Computerbase reports that the purchase price of chipmaking materials has increased by 30%. This helps to understand the domino effect a little better. The other hypothesis is the fact of making profitable the considerable investments which could have taken place during the year 2021.

We can also think that what is happening in China with the return of the Zero-covid policy (closure of factories, etc.) clearly does not help to improve the situation on many levels on semiconductors.

What do you think of this new upcoming price increase? Are you going to fall for a CPU/GPU before that happens?

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