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The publisher 505 Games unveils a very promising survival game in the name of Among The Trolls. For the moment quite mysterious, the game feeds in particular on Finnish mythology.

Among The Trolls is a survival game that is developed by Finnish developer Forbidden Studios. This is a first-person adventure/survival/action game in which you choose to play the character of Alex or Ana. Our character leaves the USA to visit his grandparents who live in Finland at the edge of a forest. But once there, they are missing.

Among the Trolls uses Finnish folklore

Among The Trolls should offer a rich narration to learn more about the folklore of Finland including the famous trolls. Which are obviously not all dangers here. During the presentation, the lead developer talked about a 3.5km x 3.5km map that aimed to faithfully reproduce Finnish nature. The game will even benefit from seasonal changes to completely change the atmosphere.

In the middle of nature

To do this, the game uses the Unity graphics engine, and from what we have seen, the universe is full of details, especially in the light effects and other “natural” effects. Nature is really at the center of the game’s interest and the studio behind Among The Trolls has been clear on the subject.

Note that the co-op multiplayer mode up to 4 will be available from the launch of early access this fall on PC. In addition, the Among The Trolls game will offer four chapters planned for version 1.0 when it is released, only one of which will be playable in early access.

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