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Nintendo has uploaded a new gameplay video for Switch Sports in which we can see all the sports that will be offered in the title, including those that will be added via updates.

Scheduled to land with us on April 29, Nintendo Switch Sports should inevitably bring back memories to the old ones who sanded Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. To continue to raise the hype, the Kyoto firm today unveils a new gameplay video that reveals all the sports in the game. We even discover disciplines that will be offered via updates.

Spike Volleyball

We discover that volleyball will be part of it. Of course, everything will be playable with motion gaming via the joy-cons. It will therefore be necessary to mimic the services, the smashes and the blocks as on a real ground. We can even perform charged smashes. Badminton will be present in Nintendo Switch Sports, again with specific movements for service, drop shots or smashes.

Bowling is going to make a big comeback with new possibilities for effects placed on the ball. You can even enjoy a track with obstacles. Football will enter the game selection, and ask to use the Joy-Con thigh strap? The latter will be supplied with the physical version of the game. It is also the same strap as for the famous Ring Fit Adventures.

Nintendo Switch Sports: very online oriented?

The online mode will not be left out with again many challenges and leaderboards to motivate yourself. Football games will thus allow up to eight players on the field. We also note the arrival of the Chambara which looks a lot like the Wii Sports Resort saber.

Now that the Mii system has been trashed, Nintendo Switch Sports will rely on specific avatars. We thus discover the many customization options for our character that we can customize from head to toe.

Finally, we learn that in the fall, a free update will allow you to play golf.

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