15 minutes of co-op gameplay, fewer consoles

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Warner Bros. Montreal has just unveiled a long gameplay sequence of Gotham Knights highlighting the two former Robins and the mechanics of the open world.

Thing promised thing due. Warner Bros Montreal has released 15 minutes of never-before-seen Gotham Knights gameplay. Hearty new clips that focus on two characters: Nightwing and Red Hood. The skills and specificities of each were revealed.

15 minutes of Gotham Knights gameplay, single player and co-op

Each hero will therefore have his own gameplay, which includes attacks, skills, eliminations and how to move around Gotham. Dick Grayson, alias Nightwing will have for example a glider, the gadget now essential in open world games. Question castagne, the first sidekick of Batman will offer a style of combat more acrobatic than the other playable characters of Gotham Knights.

For his part, Red Hood inherited mystical abilities after being brought back from the dead by the League of Assassins. He can alternate between ranged and melee attacks, and can even collect detonating bombs from enemies.

Between two missions to stop the thugs, the heroes to rest in Belfry, their HQ. Here, it will be possible to consult the game map via the Bat-Computer and above all to use a workbench to improve and design new armor. Each will offer a different style, both visually and in terms of combat and statistics.

Two-player co-op and discontinued PS4 and Xbox One versions

This new presentation is therefore an opportunity to discover more concretely the two former Robins through different missions and in cooperation. We find, for example, Red Hood during a chase on a motorcycle, which will be usable by the entire Bat-Fam. Has Warner Bros confirmed the arrival of four-player co-op? Not at all. The Canadian studio immediately recalls that Gotham Knights can be played solo or with ONE friend. Not one more obviously.

What Warner has confirmed, however, is that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Gotham Knights will be shelved. The game will ultimately only be released on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, as well as on PC on October 25th.

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