1 hour of gameplay from the canceled Arkane Studios project

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It is well known, it is extremely rare to be able to discover a gameplay video of a canceled game. Still, Valve and Arkane have agreed to release a lengthy sequence of what Half-Life 2 Ravenholm would have looked like.

Still, it’s worth remembering that Half-Life Ravenholm surely wouldn’t have looked like this if it had ever seen the light of day. The gameplay ideas are still there, as are the majority of the artistic elements.

This is what Half-Life 2 sequel Ravenholm looked like

Arkane Games’ Half Life game is finally revealed. You may know it, but before obtaining its letters of nobility with Dishonored, the French studio worked for 3 years on one of Valve’s flagship licenses. The Half-Life Ravenholm project was set to take place in the eponymous Fallen City on the outskirts of City-17, but was ultimately buried by Valve. However, this more horrific spin-off finally shows what it would have looked like.

It is still NoClip, which had revealed its existence during a documentary on Arkane, which regales us. The channel has just shared an hour of gameplay from the famous Half-Life Ravenholm. Obviously the project has aged and has not necessarily aged well. The textures are rough, the voice acting not finalized and the mechanical animations still needed to be tweaked. Despite this lack of polish, fans will still be happy to find out what Arkane had in mind for this project that was never finished.

The Arkane-touch

Even if a good part of the gameplay of Half-Life Ravenholm looks a lot like the original game with its systemic mechanics, we quickly recognize Arkane’s touch. In addition to melee blows to send his opponents flying, the elements of the metallic decoration and the puddles of water could conduct electricity. Enough to offer creative freedom to eliminate enemies and solve puzzles.

Obviously, the game would have allowed us to explore Ravenholm and learn more about this doomed district of City 17. This spin-off of Half-Life 2 should have granted a greater role to Father Grigori, known for his techniques of survivalism … original. Inevitably, the players would not embody Gordon Freeman but a whole new character.

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